Actions Groups

Protocol Action Group. 

Intended to develop, update and maintain the Dash7 protocol Moreover, it seeks to establish the software parameters, content and IP of the Alliance to engender the fullest possible participation from those members whose primary interest is the development of an interoperable software for devices, applications and process.

Chair: Yordan Tabakov



Outreach Action Group.
Intended to define, identify and activate market approaches based on the use of Alliance Mode, interoperability, certification, conformance and standards pursuit in all possible industry, CEN, ISO and related bodies. Specifically the OAG will create from authentic material, use cases, user requirements and make approaches to bodies of impact on behalf of the Alliance.

Chair: Ron Pulvermacher



University Action Group.
Intended to attract and manage the Academic outreach and encourage, seek funding from both the member and non member community to conduct research, and develop initiatives, for the benefit of the Alliance.

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Chairs: Prof. Maarten Weyn