DASH7 Alliance


The lowest power, longest range wireless networking technology available anywhere.

The DASH 7 Alliance develops and delivers for International use and selected industry adoption and standardization the Alliance Mode, a low power, low complexity, radio protocol for all sub 1GHz Radio Devices: The Alliance Mode provides for, amongst many Alliance member developed advantages, the following;

  • Low energy per bit transmitted / received (increased battery life)
  • Narrow band low silicon complexity (low power consumption)
  • Low infrastructure deployment cost (no need of repeaters, relays, system “tuning” or “calibration”)
  • Miniature Antennas are possible if needed

Optimal RF performances:

  • Low signal attenuation – very good range – No Line of Sight Transmission
  • Sub-Gig Bands have significantly lower signal attenuation than higher ISM frequencies (23dB and 15dB less attenuation that 2,450 MHz)

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor use:

  • Even in presence of concrete, metal and water
  • Acceptable frequency band in most regions
  • As an example of sub 1 GHz spectrum the frequency of 433 MHz is not true ISM band worldwide, but close to it
  • No interferences generated by Sub-Gig Bands  systems with any of licensed devices such as Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Avoids the use of busy 2.4GHz channels

The main advantage of Sub-Gig Radios is to provide a very long range allowing it to be used inside of Body Area Network, Vehicle Area Network, Personal Area Network and Local Area Networks.

The Alliance provides Short Range Devices organized in Sub 1GHz and certified compliance with, for example,  the ETSI EN 300 220-1 and -2, and allows for, at a minimum, the following functions:

  1. Non-specific Short Range Devices.
  2. Alarms, identification systems, radio-determination, telecommand, telemetry, etc.
  3. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
  4. Detection, movement and alert applications.