Traditionally the DASH7 Alliance organizes one or two conferences a year in Spring and Fall to discuss the protocol, demonstrate new applications and network.

A part of these meetings is open to non member seeking to get more information about DASH7


Next Conferences

2019 Spring Meeting 2019 Paris, FRANCE


Past Conferences

December 2017 PAG Meeting Paris, FRANCE
May 2017 Spring Meeting 2017 Berlin GERMANY                
November 2016 PAG Meeting Montpellier, FRANCE
 December 2015 Member Only Work Meeting Antwerp, BELGIUM
berlin April 2015 Spring Meeting 2015 Berlin GERMANY
December 2014 Member Only Work Meeting Stuttgart, GERMANY
June 2014 Spring Meeting 2014 Paris, FRANCE
December 2013 Fall Meeting 2013 Antwerp, BELGIUM
May 2013 Spring Meeting 2013 Lodz, POLAND
October 2012 University Action Group Forum Bremen, GERMANY
May 2012 Spring Meeting 2012 Helsinki, FINLAND
February 2012 Dubai, DUBAI
December 2011 Fall Meeting 2011 Barcelona, SPAIN
September 2011 Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS