Board of Directors

Michael André, Chairman/President:

Michael Andre is CEO and co-founder of WizziLab.  Before founding WizziLab, Michael Andre was Director of Engineering and General Manager of Coolsand Technologies France, R&D center of a Chinese based company specialized in 2G/2.5G baseband ASIC. Michael has served in a variety of engineering and management positions at Cirrus Logic and LuxSonor in the Silicon Valley. Michael holds a M.S.E.E. with a specialization in VLSI architecture and design for telecommunication from Telecom ParisTech and a M.S. in Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique Paris.

Michael Andre has served as a Board Member of the Alliance since March 2012 and has been elected Chairman of the board in May 2013. His duty has been renewed by a member vote in May 2014.

Ronald Pulvermacher, Treasurer

Ron Pulvermacher is a University of Wisconsin Madison Graduate in Electrical Engineering.  He has 15 years of experience working with LF/HF RFID system for animal tacking.  He is the author/co-author of 3 patents and one pending patent.  Ron is the founder and president of Matrix Product Development, Inc., a product development company of 16 years with a focus on radio frequency identification and wireless products used in consumer, medical, and industrial markets.  Matrix produces a low power 433MHz wireless temperature sensor system for the food processing industry.  Ron has worked on a wide variety of consulting projects and is always on the cutting edge of new technology.  He has a particular expertise in high density packaging using multi-layer rigid flex technology on par with cell phone manufacturing.

Prof. Dr. Maarten Weyn, Secretary

Maarten Weyn received his Ph.D. in Computer Science on the topic of Opportunistic Seamless Localization from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Antwerp, currently teaching the 3rd year bachelor courses Probabilistic Robotics and Digital Communication and Master course Real Time Locating System and Ambient Intelligence in the department of Applied Sciences: Electronics-ICT. He is the co-founder of the spin-off AtSharp, and IARIA Fellow.

Dr. Krzysztof Berezowski, Director

Dr. Krzysztof Berezowski is a Technical Advisory Board member of Arynga, Inc. In the DASH7 Alliance he has also chaired the Public Grant and Venture Capital Working Group since May 2013. Dr. Berezowski received his M.Eng. (with honors) and Ph.D. (with honors) degrees in Computer Engineering in 1997 and 2002 from Wrocław University of Technology, Poland. Ever since then has been an assistant professor with the Institute of Computer Engineering, Control, and Robotics of the same university. His main research interests are in computer architecture, scalable energy efficient computing, architectures for embedded computing, electronic design automation, application-specific integrated circuits design, modeling and simulation of computer systems. In his career he has been engaged in a number of commercial ICT projects, joint academia-industry R&D projects, as well as academic research projects including electronic design automation, hardware design (ASIC & FPGA), back-office & web applications, but most recently focusing on connected scalable embedded systems, machine-to-machine communication, positioning and location monitoring in ad-hoc wireless networks, hardware architectures for digital signal processing and computer systems modeling and simulations.

Yves La Hénaff, Director

Yves Le Hénaff is an expert in telecommunication and embedded electronic design. He is graduated at EPITA (Ecole Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées) as engineer in Computer Networks. He created his first company, IPricot, in 1996, as a spin-off from Vivendi-Universal Interactive TV team. IPricot developed cable, then satellite modems, from SoHo market to military (US DoD). Honored by a “Manager of the year” title in 2000 from the largest French Venture Capital network, he raised 11M Euro from VCs and brought IPricot as an international player in satcom. After the demonstration of innovative Synchronous Spread-Spectrum TDMA modems, he sold his company in 2004, and entered the M2M market in 2005 while creating a new company, Borea. As a designer of OEM products for third parties (Aeroport de Paris – Hub Telecom, Siemens ITNI, …), Borea became known by professional of the M2M business as the designer and manufacturer of Coyote Radar alert products ( the largest car connected network in Europe : more than 1M vehicles). Borea not only innovated in M2M hardware, but also software and network optimizations in order to bring communication costs down enough for a consumer market. Yves closed Borea in 2011 to create Kawantech, a company dedicated to the Global Logistic business: connect pallets and containers to Internet. Kawantech joined GS1 in 2014 and participates to new traceability standard definition (digital Pedigree). The core technology of Kawantech relies on hybrid EPCGlobal EPC Gen2 + ISO18000-7 based RFID products.

Dr. Bartosz Wojciechowski, Director

Dr. Bartosz Wojciechowski is a researcher and teacher in Computer Architecture Group, Department of Electronics at Wroclaw University of Technology. His research interests include dynamic thermal management of multi­ and many­ core microprocessors and low-­power wireless networks. More specifically, his work pursues low ­maintenance sensor networks applicable to monitoring environmental parameters. Bartosz Wojciechowski graduated in 2007 with M.S. degree in computer engineering and in 2013 achieved PhD degree, with honors, from Wroclaw University of Technology. During his PhD program he received a grant from Polish National Science Center for a project Dynamic thermal management of microprocessors in which new methods for predicting temperature of multi­-core microprocessors and managing their operation within defined temperature limits were explored. Research in thermal modeling of microprocessors is now continued with the project on modeling and simulating thermal behavior of multi­core microprocessors with FPGA devices.

Since 2010 Bartosz Wojciechowski is also involved in research in Wireless Sensor Networks. He is a member of a group awarded with a grant for the project on application of wireless sensing to monitoring environment parameters and alarming about threats. Current research, conducted in collaboration with Agricultural University of Wroclaw, is focused on ensuring long life of the sensor network while providing low response time and high reliability of measurements in greenhouses.

Teaching activities of Dr. Wojciechowski include courses in computer arithmetic and architecture and leading bachelors and masters graduation projects in computer architecture and applications of wireless sensor networks.



Philip Sanders, Advisor

Philip is a passionate about high frequency electronics and is the founder of AboveRF, a company focusing on RF, microwave and millimeterwave technology, including system level, board level, waveguide and antenna design. He has been involved in designs ranging from high-performance professional satcom equipment to consumer microwave terminals for mass-production. He has an interest in signal processing, coding and modulation, a fortioiri if in combination with the RF design. In his free time, he is an amateur radio enthusiast, and he was one of the designers of the first Belgian amateur FM-TV repeater.