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Agaidi is a Finnish, innovative technology company that develops energy efficient wireless communication solutions combining ultra-low power wireless technologies, low power displays and application software in cloud. Our solutions makes assets and things intelligent, location aware and enable 2-way communication between physical environments and web without power supply or charging.


Agaidi infrastructure is easy to install and deploy to any environment due to Access Points with 2G/3G connectivity, battery operated hardware and cloud based system management.





Arynga delivers innovative vehicle software management solutions to the automotive industry. Our product CarSync™ is an intelligent platform for vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier One suppliers to remotely maintain and update all Electronic Images (EIs) within any vehicle Electronic Control Unit (ECU).





AtSharp is a spin-off from University of Antwerp, established in February 2010. Tim Denis is the driving entrepreneur who saw the opportunity to commercialize localizations technology developed in a PhD by Maarten Weyn at University of Antwerp. Supported by iMinds and ESA BIC (European Space Agency – Business Incubation Centre) AtSharp found the initial support needed to design the ORCA service, and take the first business development steps.





Cortus S.A.S. is a technology enabler for rapidly growing applications including Internet of Things (IoT), wearable electronic devices and smart sensors. It has specialized in 32-bit processor cores which can significantly reduce manufacturing costs while achieving computational performance and power constraints. Integrated circuits containing Cortus cores have been manufactured in high volumes for a wide range of applications including automotive, CMOS imaging, M2M controllers, secure microcontrollers, sensors, SIM cards, PayTV cards, smart metering and wireless.




Flex Communications LTD®

Flex Communications LTD® is a fast growing affordable ICT solution provider business automation and management systems.

The company is fully registered and has operating office based in Nairobi Kenya , with branches in Mombasa , Nakuru , Eldoret and Kisumu. The company concentrates in offering custom ICT solutions to corporate companies in all sectors (service sector, Industrial sector & Finance sector), Home Office and Small Medium Enterprises (SME's).
Our range of ICT on Fleet Management Solutions both hardware and software, Custom Application , Smart card solutions and Laboratory Management Systems(Paperless Laboratory System) and many more.





Founded in 1999, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS immediately set the industry standard in the RFID industry with the introduction of its Intelligent Long Range® (ILR®) technology, a breakthrough in the world of low-power, long-range wireless communication.


In 2006, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS acquired a premier industrial RFID supplier to the automotive industry. Today, one of every three vehicles is manufactured with wireless technology pioneered by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. The acquisition of WTEK in 2007, a Norway based personnel safety solution provider to the Oil, Gas, Tunnel and Mining industries, led to the expansion of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ award-winning RFID technology portfolio, which enabled the company to become an established provider of complete solutions to this burgeoning market. In 2008, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS was named as a key technology supplier by two of the four US Department of Defense selected contractors in their RFID III Procurement Contract. The 2010 acquisition of Sattel from DP World fuelled IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ on-going commitment to offering complete, high-value applications and technologies for the Marine and Intermodal industry.





Kawantech concentrates several key skills to create and operate innovative networks of RFID sensors. Envisioning an evolution in logistics and transportation, where all pallets are monitored along their course, Kawantech developed a full range of products and services to enable a smooth evolution between old RFID and new sensing devices.


The years 2010's saw an explosion in wireless applications. Majority of people are now carrying smartphones able to locate them by GPS, keep connected to Internet, run advanced applications 24/24 and sports an impressive set of sensors (light intensity, accelerometer, magnetic compass). 

The trend is now "stay connected".


However, such sensors and real time tracking features are more valuable for sensitive goods than individuals. Kawantech took the best of mobile phones technology to bring the logistic industry a smart evolution from RFID to this new connected world: Containers, trailers, pallets, are now able to sense their condition and report them on Internet with Super RFID tags beginning at 40 USD.




Matrix Product Development

Matrix Product Development is a high tech electronic and software design firm specializing in forward-thinking, cutting-edge technology outsourcing, consulting and product solutions for the Biotechnology, Industrial, Food Processing and Medical Industries.  Founded in 1998, Matrix offers expertise in Wireless, RFID, Smart Sensors, Electronic Design, Packaging, Graphical User-Interfaces, Software Development (Windows, Linux, Java, .NET), Embedded Firmware Development (C++), iOS and Android apps, Prototype Construction, Analog Design, Harsh Environment Packaging and Miniaturized Electronics. 


Matrix offers design and supply contracts.  For example, Matrix supplies a transmitter that fits inside Bosch industrial grade torque wrenches for quality control of vehicle production.   


Matrix manufactures and markets its own product line of wireless sensors called Wyze Temp® for the food processing industry.   Temperature, weight, airflow are some of the parameters being measured to optimize cooking and chilling processes.





For over a decade, our customers in the automotive electronics market have inspired us to create, manufacture and deliver advanced Mixed Signal semiconductors, sensor ICs, and programmable sensor IC systems. Through the stringent quality expectations, hostile operating conditions and aggressive economic targets demanded by our automotive customers, Melexis has developed the capability to produce world class, value driven, innovative products. Industry leading innovation in programmable sensors, sensor interface devices and microcontrollers provide our customers with competitive advantage in system cost, capability and flexibility.




Description coming soon!




Toasted Tomato Technologies

Toasted Tomato Technologies is a Venture Capital Fund located in Kitchener Ontario. Our focus is to support innovative, early-stage companies that specialize in patentable electronic device design and manufacturing.


Our goal is to support both creative individuals and companies who are able to combine patentable electronic hardware technology, with leading edge firmware, culminating in devices that produce valuable data which is accessed and used by a consumer or enterprise through a (SaaS) software-as-a-service model.




University of Antwerp

The CoSys-Lab research group of the faculty of applied engineering of the University of Antwerp, Belgium, is active in the DASH7 Alliance by contributing in the protocol development, the management of the alliance and the creation of pilot projects for DASH7 low power communication and localization.

With 7 years of experience in research and implementation of localization systems, CoSys-Lab wants to push the limits in ulta-low power localization using DASH7.

CoSys-Lab currently assists international companies in creating DASH7 pilots for their applications.




University of Bremen

Roughly 23,000 people are currently active as students, teachers, researchers, or employees of the University of Bremen. It has become one of Germany`s eleven top universities of excellence. It is the science center of Northern Germany, renowned for its strengths in the sciences and engineering disciplines, as well as the humanities and the social sciences.

The work carried out by its researchers, many of whom of international repute, provide  important stimuli for the development of innovative ideas and the resolution of problems facing society in general. Visiting guests from all over the world enrich campus life at the University of Bremen, which is well-known in the student community as a cosmopolitan venue for studying and research. Always open for new ideas and on the lookout for ways to adapt and improve, the university administration and academic stuff have been interacting with the public and working with community groups for the past forty years.

The exceptional quality of research in Bremen is due, among other things, to the university’s close collaboration with numerous independent research institutes, both on campus and around the region. Their competence and vitality have attracted more than four hundred research and business
ventures to the technology park around campus, creating a nationally recognized hub of high technology.




Wrocław University of Technology,242.dhtml

The mission of our University is to shape the creative and critical personalities of students and define the directions of development in science and technology. The education offered at our institution is strongly linked with scientific research and the needs of econo­my and is consistent with standards of the European Higher Education Area. The degrees awarded by Wrocław University of Technology are a symbol of high quality of education, confirmed by the National Accreditation Committee and the Accreditation Committee of Universities of Technology. 

Today’s Wrocław University of Technology is an inheritor of the tangible property of the German Königliche Technische Hochschule Breslau and the intellectual and research traditions of the Lvov Polytechnic. The university has been functioning under the current name since 1945. It was established and organised by researchers from Lvov and Warsaw. Since the very beginning of its existence, it has been an important centre of technical education. Today, it belongs to the best technical universities in Poland – over 35 000 students study here under the guidance of 2 000 academic teachers, at the 12 faculties and the Department of Fundamental Studies, as well as in the 3 regional branches (Jelenia Góra, Legnica, Wałbrzych). It rates high in the annual rankings of Polish universities. Recently, it has been announced the best Polish technical university in Webometrics Ranking of World's Universities.




VI Service Network Co., Ltd.

VI Service Network Co., Ltd. (VISN) was established in 2004. We provides high quality professional services in design, research and development for test and measurement applications leveraging state-of-the-art commercial products and its own expertise in digital signal processing, radio frequency, sound and vibration, and photonics. VISN attaches great importance to engineering service quality, and added a number of professional industry associations, such as SCDMA Industry Alliance, EPC Global, DASH 7 Alliance, NFC Forum Etc.


WizziLab S.A.S.

WizziLab S.A.S. is a provider of solutions for ultra-low power, low latency, long range wireless communication devices based on the DASH7 standard.


Our vision is to develop wearable devices allowing people to interact seamlessly with their environment and the smart objects surrounding them. This vision is closely tied to the notion of Internet of Things and adds a human factor to it. Our research fields include indoor localization, dynamic networking, energy efficiency of wireless networks, energy harvesting, intuitive interaction with places and objects.


The founders have more than 10 years of experience in wireless telecommunication systems and have been involved in the development of complete systems, from specification to ASIC design, firmware implementation, signal processing and application. Our broad experience and complete vision of the full system allow us to find innovative and efficient solutions to fulfill the application requirements.

Founded in 2011, WizziLab is based in Paris, France. WizziLab has joined the Start-up Incubator of Telecom ParisTech University.


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