The DASH7 Alliance is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation formed to foster the existence and the further development of the DASH7 protocol specification (based on ISO 18000-7). It is the intent of the Alliance to enhance the technology beyond its current capabilities and physical boundaries to enable security, automation and control systems for a multitude of environments. Protocol standard extensions could also be ratified, approved and adopted by one or more established and recognized international or national agencies or bodies as an official national or international standard.


The purposes of the Alliance are:

  • Manage the DASH7 Alliance specification (based on ISO 18000-7) in order to benefit overall market conditions and to foster interoperability of DASH7 based products and technologies.
  • Provide an environment where its Members may meet to discuss and approve suggested revisions and enhancements that evolve the relevant specifications for protocol standards respecting the Alliance IPR policy.
  • Provide a forum where users may meet with developers and providers of related products and services to identify requirements for interoperability and general usability of DASH7 specification
  • Promote the DASH7 Alliance specification and educate the business and consumer communities as to the value, benefits and applications for such interoperable consumer and commercial products.
  • Protect the needs of users and increase competition among vendors by supporting the creation and implementation of uniform conformance test procedures and processes to foster the interoperability of products and services.
  • Once applicable, make appropriate submission of the specifications to international standardization agencies, for ratification, approval and adoption of such specifications as an official national or international standard by such agencies or bodies.


Organization structure:




Why a DASH7 Alliance?