Service Providers

Matrix Product Development


Member of the DASH7 Alliance since June of 2012.  Matrix develops low power wireless sensors particularly for the food processing industry.  These are food grade, wash down capable sensors that withstand extreme heat and cold.  Wireless temperature, weight, airflow and pH are in the product line-up.  DASH7 will be used to locate in-process food carts in large manufacturing plants where LEDs can be turned on to assist in locating carts put on hold.  A location map can direct a person to cart or group of carts.

Matrix Product Development, Inc., Sun Prairie, WI  USA;  608-834-1661

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Member of the DASH7 Alliance since July 2011, WizziLab has developed the WizziKit, the first affordable DASH7 development kit

Since then WizziLab has developed a full DASH7 stack and the WM1001, first DASH7 industrial module currently deployed in 1000’s of sensors. WizziLab current offering includes  a full range of development kits, communication modems, gateways and cloud sensor management platform. WizziLab offers professional design service and manufacturing management for your connected objects.

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University of Antwerp – MOSAIC-Research Group


MOSAIC is a research group of the University of Antwerp. They are a member of the DASH7 Alliance since December 2011.
MOSAIC  imitated and maintains OSS-7, the opensource stack supported by the DASH7 Alliance.

MOSAIC  supports different companies in their prototyping of DASH7 products, on hardware design and firmware development.

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