DASH7 Alliance board renewal

We are happy to announce, the DASH7 Alliance have renewed the board for the coming two years. 

The newly elected board members are:

– David Kerr-Munslow, Cortus
– Glenn Ergeerts, Aloxy
– Maarten Weyn, University of Antwerp
– Michael Andre, Wizzilab
– Paal Kristian Levang, Nornir

The new board elected Michael Andre as President, Maarten Weyn as Treasurer and David Kerr-Munslow as Secretary. 

The main objective of the Alliance is to foster the existence and the further development of the DASH7 protocol specification. To do so wider adaptation of the protocol and a larger ecosystem of members, users and developers is key.

The newly elected board is committed to grow the community and to continue organizing events to share content and knowledge around the usage and development of the DASH7 specification protocol. More specifically the board wants to activate more members to share content and experience and reach out to potential new members to understand their needs and interest.

The board recognizes the Alliance is relative small however the number of active users and new members in the last 12 months increased. Beside that, the spec is dowloaded numerous times per week and that both offers potential and indicates interest is growing.

Therefor the online events as organized during COVID lockdown will continue and the  next online event will be in September due to the upcoming / ongoing holidays, detailed information on the subject and date will be communicated at a later stage.

For now Happy holidays and we hope to see you in one of the upcoming webinars.

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