Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact radar

Emerging technologies in IoT such as Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) coupled with acceleration of data mining, machine learning, AI is creating disruptive innovation opportunities according to Gartner when they presented the 2021 “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact radar: Internet of Things”.

The Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar is an analysis of the maturity, market momentum and influence of emerging technologies and trends. In this Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar, Gartner includes 18 emerging technologies and trends (ETTs) with horizontal impact on IoT technology and service providers (TSPs), as related to the TSPs’ ability to pivot forward and accelerate their business opportunities. These 18 technology profiles cover both the “what” and the “how” – areas for product investment, foundational technologies, and related nontechnology trends (see below Figure).



LPWAN is one of the few technologies with very high impact (Mass) and the one that will be crucial today (Now, 0 to 3 years).

LPWA Networks are a key technology since it provides connectivity suited to batteries or harvesting energy and offer greater range than alternative technologies. The technology is considered low cost compared to alternatives as the hardware required to build sensors in such network is less expansive.

DASH7 is a great example of an LPWA Network and offers great advantages over WIFI or other low range network technologies. According to Gartner one of the killer applications for LPWAN is asset tracking and within the DASH7 Alliance we see several members building their business on DASH7 technology for this application.

At the same time DASH7 offers more, we see other applications being successfully deployed at large scale like parking guidance (Onesitu), Manual valve position indication (Aloxy), alerting system (Vestfold), people counting (Crowdscan) and connected interiorscapers (Nurtio – Jitter).

The DASH7 Alliance is a non-profit organization formed to foster the existence and the further development of the DASH7 protocol. Our members form an ecosystem of builders, users, and developers with deep knowledge in LPWAN and they are happy to support you on your IoT journey.