Developer resources

Open Source Firmware

Sub-IoT is an open source implementation of the DASH7 Alliance protocol. The aim of the project is to provide a reference implementation of the protocol stack which allowing fast development and prototyping of DASH7 based products. This implementation focuses on completeness, correctness and being easy to use and understand. Performance and code size are less important aspects. For clarity a clear separation between the ISO layers is maintained in the code.

Development Kits


Developed by WizziLab, the WizziKit2 is a compact and affordable development kit for DASH7.
Containing 2 Endpoints (SH2050 modems+Sensors+Nucleo32 Application MCU) and one Gateway, the WizziKit2 is the perfect development kit to evaluate the technology and prototype your DASH7  application.
The WizziKit2 can be purchased directly from WizziLab here.

DASH7 Academy


In this first session we introduce the DASH7 Alliance Protocol.

  1. Open Wireless Sensor Communication
  2. Frequency vs Range
  3. Technology comparison
  4. DASH7 Topology
  5. DASH7 Design choices
  6. BLAST


In this sessions four examples which are using DASH7 are explained:

  1. Parking guidance and information
  2. Location Aware Tablets
  3. Food Cart Tracking and Locating
  4. Presence detection (small birds)

File based Communication

This session of the DASH7 Academy explains how DASH7 is build around a file based communication methodology:

  1. Generic model
  2. Request
  3. Response
  4. Low Power Wake-up
  5. File Notification
  6. Dormant Sessions