We welcome OneSitu

Last month we welcomed Onesitu to the DASH7 Alliance, let’s look a bit closer at this interesting company and find out what the partnership brings for both parties.

Onesitu is a provider of intelligent and connected solutions. Onesitu offers autonomous mobile solutions to revolutionize urban parking in cities of the future. They design and manufacture in France a whole range of wireless Smart Parking sensors and information screens, that lead the client in the right area. The system allows the mall tenants to retrieve statistics about their parking (number of unique visitors, time of stay, favorite area to stay). Their mission is to transform parking into a fluid experience at the service of the 21st century.

The DASH7 Alliance is composed of university researchers, innovative companies, and individuals that want to make a difference in helping people connect wireless devices using battery operated transmitters that operate for multiple years. Joining the DASH7 Alliance helps to build the ecosystem around usage and implementation of the open-source protocol.

Onesitu has already deployed thousands of DASH7 connected parking sensors. More than 80.000 parking spots are connected in real time, guiding more than 1.000.000 vehicles every day.

Even though Onesitu already uses DASH7 and developed their solutions based on the DASH7 wireless protocol it is still important to become a member. Gauthier Jourdain, CTO at Onesitu explains that most of their existing solutions rely on DASH7 and therefor its evolution and improvements have a direct impact on their products.

Gauthier adds that to continue their development and growth, it is mandatory to have the best possible view on the future DASH7 evolution. The DASH7 membership also allows Onesitu to join in the PAG (protocol Action Group) which provides them the opportunity to participate in its development.

Beside this, Gauthier expresses that the existing members of the Alliance are very interesting companies, and he looks forward to interacting and explore new partnerships with mutual benefits.

On the technology side, DASH7 is a very interesting IoT protocol for Onesitu, their IoT products are dedicated to smart parking, thus real-time information needs to be available. DASH7 is the best protocol to achieve that according to Gauthier. “We are constantly improving our products and deploying new features; DASH7 allows us to easily upgrade over the air. I really think there is nothing better than DASH7 for our use case, and it gives us a true edge with regards to our competitors.”

Michael André, president of the DASH7 Alliance welcomes Onesitu and comments “It as a real contribution to the alliance. A company like Onesitu, who has already used the technology at scale is a real added value in our community”. The experience from the field provides great insights and learnings to further optimize the protocol. At the same time new members or wireless technology adopters can learn from Onesitu’s experiences. We look forward to their appearance in one of our webinars.

To summarize, DASH7 sits at the basis of the Onesitu business model and becoming a member provides new opportunities for both Onesitu and the alliance ecosystem. It is the intent of the Alliance to enhance the technology beyond its current capabilities and physical boundaries to enable security, automation, and control systems for a multitude of environments. The development of the wireless network protocol and an experienced user like Onesitu are an ideal match to drive the growth of a sustainable ecosystem based on open-source software innovation.