Successful interoperability testing during PAG Meeting

On December 13 and 14th the Protocol Action Group held an official meeting hosted in the premises of STMicroelectronics in Paris. Read more…



DASH7 Specification evolution

The first day was focused on reviewing the current draft of the upcoming D7A v1.2 specification. This version of the specification contains some incremental changes which will be fully backwards compatible with the current v1.1. We managed to make good progress and are optimistic that this version will be ready for ratification in Q1 2018. Additionally, we brainstormed about changes beyond v1.2 and agreed on the main ideas and future direction of the specification.

PlugFest, Interoperability testing

The second day was reserved for the plugfest. During this session we had the opportunity to validate interoperability between different implementations of the specification. Shown on the picture is a Wizzilab Gateway and a node,  running the Wizzilab stack, and a STMicroelectronics devkits and a Cortus FPGA devkit (running the Cortus APS Softcore) which are running the OSS-7 opensource stack.

During this plugfest we managed to test a lot of functionalities, going from adhoc synchronization over network layer security and transaction timings all the way to the application layer. Without any effort we succeeded to register an OSS-7 based device on an existing system based on a Wizzilab gateway and backend, and interrogate the OSS-7 device right from the WizziCloud solution system, as you can see on the screenshot below. All parties involved were very happy with the results, since this showed the maturity of both the specification and the substantial progress in all implementations. Furthermore, hardware was exchanged to make it possible to perform offline interoperability testing.



by Glenn Ergeerts, for the PAG

DASH7 in 2017

The DASH7 Alliance organized a member meeting, a PAG meeting, elected a new Board of Directors, published a version 1.1 of the protocol.

DASH7 Alliance Members deployed new installations for industrial IoT and are announcing new large projects for 2018.

OSS-7 stack development team has selected a new reference platform based on the Murata B_L072Z_LRWAN1 and proven interoperability with WizziLab Gateways and Cloud solution.

2017 was definitely a good year and 2018 will be even better.